About Hydrific
Charting a new course for water sustainability

Water is the basis of life – and across the world, people and communities are facing rapidly increasing water scarcity and affordability issues. As global awareness of water’s true ecological and financial cost grows, conservation has become an urgent priority, and more people are seeking accessible, affordable, and sustainable water use.

In the past 50 years, U.S. water consumption has tripled even as the nation grapples with climate change and aging infrastructure. At least 40 states are projected to face water shortages by 2024, intensifying concerns about water scarcity and inefficiency in homes.

Hydrific looks to chart a new course for water sustainability by empowering people with the information and tools they need to make water conservation easy and enjoyable. With simple solutions that give homeowners and tenants new insight into and agency over their home water usage, Hydrific is bringing the sustainable homes of the future into the present.

Hydrific's Purpose

As part of its core belief that water is a fundamental resource, Hydrific is committed to empowering people, utilities, and communities to embrace water sustainability through its focus on developing innovations like smart home devices and by educating people on unknown water usage habits and tips on how to incorporate conservation into their daily lives.

Backed by the global reach and expertise of LIXIL a global maker of pioneering water and housing technologies, Hydrific's vision extends beyond empowering consumers – it aims to change how we think about and use our water. Aligned with LIXIL's newly updated Impact Strategy, Hydrific will directly contribute to LIXIL’s broader Water Conservation and Environmental commitments.

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