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Hydrific Unveils First Product, Droplet

Jan 19, 2024

Hydrific Unveils First Product, Droplet - A Cutting-Edge Smart Home Water Usage Sensor

Droplet empowers a new era of water conservation with smart, real-time monitoring for every home

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydrific, part of LIXIL, today announced the launch of its first product, Droplet, a cutting-edge water usage sensor designed to make water conservation both simple and smart. This powerful tool monitors water consumption in homes from a single point, providing real-time data and actionable insights. It empowers homeowners, renters, and property managers to use water efficiently, reduce utility bills, and proactively prevent water damage.

Droplet Sensor and Mobile App

Droplet, which comes to market following the launch of Hydrific in December 2023, is an affordable, non-invasive smart home water monitor that captures high-precision data at a rate of 50 times per second. Its user-friendly app provides comprehensive dashboards and AI-powered analysis for easy interpretation and action. Its patent-pending algorithms detect unusual patterns, alerting users to potential leaks, inefficient water usage, or unexpected high consumption, enabling immediate action to prevent water waste and serious damage.

In the U.S., water costs are rising three times faster than inflation, and 17% of Americans struggle to afford basic water services, underscoring the urgency of tools like Droplet. Additionally, a recent survey by LIXIL brand GROHE revealed that 40% of Americans don't think they know enough about how to save water in their everyday lives – a gap Droplet aims to address by educating users and promoting sustainable practices.

"Hydrific's mission is to bring sustainable homes of the future into the present," said Julia Deister, Leader of Hydrific. "Introducing Droplet is essential in making water conservation accessible and intuitive. Water is a fundamental human right that we must protect for future generations. Droplet's launch represents our commitment to align consumer needs with the imperatives of sustainable water usage."

"I am excited about Droplet – it is easy to install and provides a detailed view of how much water we use in real-time," said Scott L. Rodman, Homeowner in The Build Show and President of the South Ashmere Water Association. "Leaks are a huge source of wasted water and surprise bills. Resolving them quickly while raising awareness about the amount of water we use daily is so important in conserving water."

For more information about Droplet or to secure your pre-order today, visit the official Hydrific website. Join us on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

About Hydrific

Hydrific is dedicated to redefining water sustainability, empowering individuals with accessible information and tools to simplify water conservation. Through simple solutions, Hydrific offers homeowners and tenants invaluable insights and control over their water usage, bringing forth the vision of sustainable homes in the present day. Supported by the global reach and expertise of LIXIL, a global leader in creating water and housing products, Hydrific is committed to reshaping perceptions and practices around water usage through sustainable solutions.


LIXIL (TSE Code 5938) makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology and innovate to make high quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this; through meaningful design, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to improving accessibility for all, and responsible business growth. Our approach comes to life through industry leading brands, including INAX, GROHE, American Standard and TOSTEM. Approximately 55,000 colleagues operating in more than 150 countries are proud to make products that touch the lives of more than a billion people every day. Learn more at

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